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 MH report (Ban request)

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Forum's Staff
Forum's Staff

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PostSubject: MH report (Ban request)   Sat Aug 10, 2013 9:25 am

My RGC name : xTrapNsanity
Maphacker: LeBron|
Room: PH.Esport
REason: Maphack user

Replay: http://rankedgamingparser.com/view_replay.php?file=1376122957.w3g

1:6 |cFFA52A2ALeBron| (Pudge)|r clicked Guardian Wisp
1:10 |cFFA52A2ALeBron| (Pudge)|r clicked Shadow Fiend
1:12 |cFFA52A2ALeBron| (Pudge)|r clicked Oracle
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Forum Administrator
Forum Administrator

The GoDFather v!ЯuS`

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PostSubject: Re: MH report (Ban request)   Fri Aug 16, 2013 5:46 am


MH User : LeBron|

1:6 LeBron| (0/0 | 0-0) clicked Guardian Wisp

Replay Still valid.
No Desync

Thanks for reporting.

For any issues regarding RGC,you can contact me on client.
Or you can just leave me a message at here.

Ban Problem/Issue : /j Ban Support
Channel Problem/Issue : /j Client Support
Any Suggestion/issue : /j Support
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MH report (Ban request)
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