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 MH report (Ban request)

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MH report (Ban request) Empty
PostSubject: MH report (Ban request)   MH report (Ban request) EmptySat Aug 17, 2013 4:09 am

My RGC name : xTrapNsanity
Maphackers name:
Room: PH.Esport
Reason: Maphack user


32:17 |cFF006400zaoldyeck001|r clicked Admiral
34:5 |cFF006400zaoldyeck001|r clicked Admiral
34:7 |cFF006400zaoldyeck001|r clicked Magnataur
34:42 |cFF006400zaoldyeck001|r clicked Admiral
34:43 |cFF006400zaoldyeck001|r clicked Faerie Dragon
35:58 |cFF006400zaoldyeck001|r clicked Bane Elemental
36:0 |cFF006400zaoldyeck001|r clicked Faerie Dragon
36:1 |cFF006400zaoldyeck001|r clicked Bane Elemental
36:30 |cFF006400zaoldyeck001|r clicked Bane Elemental
40:34 |cFF006400zaoldyeck001|r clicked Faerie Dragon
40:40 |cFF006400zaoldyeck001|r clicked Admiral
44:1 |cFF006400zaoldyeck001|r clicked Goblin Zeppelin
44:2 |cFF006400zaoldyeck001|r clicked Tormented Soul
44:12 |cFF006400zaoldyeck001|r clicked Magnataur
44:25 |cFF006400zaoldyeck001|r clicked Tormented Soul
46:18 |cFF006400zaoldyeck001|r clicked Faerie Dragon
46:30 |cFF006400zaoldyeck001|r clicked Goblin Zeppelin
46:32 |cFF006400zaoldyeck001|r clicked Admiral
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MH report (Ban request) Empty
PostSubject: Re: MH report (Ban request)   MH report (Ban request) EmptyMon Sep 09, 2013 6:09 am


MH USER : zaoldyeck001

25:38 zaoldyeck001 (4/5 | 44-4) clicked Tormented Soul
25:50 zaoldyeck001 (4/5 | 44-4) clicked Magnatur

Replay still in good.
No disconnection trace on both.
No desync.

Thanks for reporting
Good Community,Good Environment

For any issues regarding RGC,you can contact me on client.
Or you can just leave me a message at here.

Ban Problem/Issue : /j Ban Support
Channel Problem/Issue : /j Client Support
Any Suggestion/issue : /j Support
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MH report (Ban request)
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